[llvm-bugs] [Bug 25694] Clang 3.6 regression: noexcept expression doesn't seem to pick up global function overload

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--- Comment #2 from Nikola Smiljanić <popizdeh at gmail.com> ---
I don't think this is a bug:

9.2 p2: A class is considered a completely-defined object type (3.9) (or
complete type) at the closing } of the class-specifier.
Within the class member-specification, the class is regarded as complete within
function bodies,
default arguments, using-declarations introducing inheriting constructors
(12.9), exception-specifications...

Name lookup is postponed until the class is fully parsed at which point member
function is declared. Name lookup selects this class as per 3.4.1 p1:

In all the cases listed in 3.4.1, the scopes are searched for a declaration in
the order listed in each of the respective categories; name lookup ends as soon
as a declaration is found for the name.

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