[LLVMbugs] [Bug 18738] New: tools/msbuild: install files for x64 platform too

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Wed Feb 5 02:29:08 PST 2014


            Bug ID: 18738
           Summary: tools/msbuild: install files for x64 platform too
           Product: new-bugs
           Version: unspecified
          Hardware: PC
                OS: Windows NT
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P
         Component: new bugs
          Assignee: unassignedbugs at nondot.org
          Reporter: sami.liedes at redlynx.com
                CC: llvmbugs at cs.uiuc.edu
    Classification: Unclassified

Currently tools/msbuild/install.bat only installs platform files for Win32 in
e.g. "Program Files/MSBuild/Microsoft.Cpp/v4.0/V120/Platforms/Win32".

Since (it appears from quick testing that) the installed binaries can also
target x86_64, it would make sense to install also in .../Platforms/x64.

Copying the LLVM-vs2013 directory from .../Win32/PlatformToolsets/LLVM-vs2013
to .../x64/PlatformToolsets/LLVM-vs2013 and adding -m64 to AdditionalOptions in
toolset.props has enabled me to build at least a very simple "Hello world"
console program for x64 target with clang-cl.

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