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            Bug ID: 21764
           Summary: package scan-build with compiler
           Product: clang
           Version: 3.5
          Hardware: PC
                OS: Linux
            Status: NEW
          Severity: enhancement
          Priority: P
         Component: Static Analyzer
          Assignee: kremenek at apple.com
          Reporter: legalize at xmission.com
                CC: llvmbugs at cs.uiuc.edu
    Classification: Unclassified

The static analysis tools are very important and useful and should be packaged
in the binary packages provided:

shell 26> xz -d < clang+llvm-3.5.0-x86_64-linux-gnu-ubuntu-14.04.tar.xz | tar
tvf - | fgrep scan
shell 27> 

I really would like to use scan-build on my open source projects via the
travis-ci.org continuous integration build servers, but it is really going to
bog things down if I have to build clang from source every time I do a build. 
Yes, I could do my own build and push the binary package somewhere, but that is
what I expect from the binary builds produced by the llvm releases.

Enabling the use of scan-build for github projects via the easy travis-ci.org
building would massively increase the user base of the static analyzer and lead
to much more rapid improvement of it, IMO.

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