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Jani_Lahtinen at mcafee.com changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Jani_Lahtinen at mcafee.com ---
No, it is the correct one. The inference path goes so that first you set 'err =
"something"' and then later conclude that 'err.empty() == true'.

  if (args.size() != 1)  // Taking true branch.
      err = "missing arg";   // <= err is now not empty.
  if (!err.empty())  // Taking false branch, and therefore err is empty.
      printf("Error: %s\n", err.c_str());
      usage = true;

The point is not that is 'x' uninitialized when we assign it to 'xxx' in the
inference path, but that the path should never reach that because:

  if (usage)   // <== usage should be now true.
      return 0;

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