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James Molloy <james.molloy at arm.com> changed:

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--- Comment #7 from James Molloy <james.molloy at arm.com> ---

I have reproduced the failure locally, but this is not a compiler bug.

The testcase creates a structure "foo" and uses it in a std::vector. "foo" has
an alignment constraint due to it containing a float32x4_t member of 16 bytes.
The compiler honours this in all code it generates. The underlying allocator
used by std::vector just calls operator new (_Znwj), and uses the memory
returned. operator new calls malloc, and malloc returns memory aligned to 8

Memory corruption follows due to NEON instructions with :128 alignment hints
being used on unaligned addresses.

A similar question is asked at StackOverflow here:

I'll resolve this as "not a bug".



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