[LLVMbugs] [Bug 14996] ConstantFoldInsertValueInstruction crashes when folding vectors

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Duncan Sands <baldrick at free.fr> changed:

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--- Comment #4 from Duncan Sands <baldrick at free.fr> 2013-01-20 04:43:16 CST ---
It's not broken because you can't use insertvalue with vectors.  Any kind of
LLVM checking (assertions or the verifier) would reject the IR, but as you
have all checking turned off you don't get a rejection.  Most of the LLVM code
base assumes IR is valid: IR validity is checked very early on, so that later
phaes don't have to worry about it.  It is checked on IR construction using
assertions, and initially and after any transform passes by the verifier,
in release builds in which it is all turned off for speed (it can be run
with opt -verify).

I think you should do your own build of LLVM from the Debian source code, with
assertions enabled, for doing your development.  It will save you endless pain.
The fact that the final product targets the release Debian package isn't really
relevant in my opinion.

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