[LLVMbugs] [Bug 13002] New: ICE on @property __attribute__((NSObject)) int i; @synthesize i;

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Thu May 31 15:07:36 PDT 2012


             Bug #: 13002
           Summary: ICE on @property __attribute__((NSObject)) int i;
                    @synthesize i;
           Product: clang
           Version: 3.0
          Platform: All
        OS/Version: MacOS X
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P
         Component: -New Bugs
        AssignedTo: unassignedclangbugs at nondot.org
        ReportedBy: arthur.j.odwyer at gmail.com
                CC: llvmbugs at cs.uiuc.edu
    Classification: Unclassified

Created attachment 8667
  --> http://llvm.org/bugs/attachment.cgi?id=8667
Output of "clang -c test.m -v"

cat >test.m <<EOF
@interface A { int i; }
@property(retain) __attribute__((NSObject)) int i;
@implementation A
@synthesize i; // this is nonsense, but should cause an error rather than an
clang -c test.m

fatal error: error in backend: Cannot select: 0x7fdd3b86b810: i32 = bitcast
      0x7fdd3b86b510 [ORD=9] [ID=33]
  0x7fdd3b86b510: i64,ch,glue = CopyFromReg 0x7fdd3b86b310, 0x7fdd3b86b410,
0x7fdd3b86b310:1 [ORD=7] [ID=32]
    0x7fdd3b86b410: i64 = Register %RAX [ORD=7] [ID=13]
    0x7fdd3b86b310: ch,glue = callseq_end 0x7fdd3b86b210, 0x7fdd3b86a510,
0x7fdd3b86a510, 0x7fdd3b86b210:1 [ORD=7] [ID=31]
      0x7fdd3b86a510: i64 = TargetConstant<0> [ORD=7] [ID=6]
      0x7fdd3b86a510: i64 = TargetConstant<0> [ORD=7] [ID=6]
      0x7fdd3b86b210: ch,glue = X86ISD::CALL 0x7fdd3b86af10, 0x7fdd3b86b010,
0x7fdd3b86a810, 0x7fdd3b86aa10, 0x7fdd3b86ac10, 0x7fdd3b86ae10,
0x7fdd3b86af10:1 [ORD=7] [ID=30]
        0x7fdd3b86b010: i64 = TargetGlobalAddress<i8* (i8*, i8*, i64, i1)*
@objc_getProperty> 0 [ORD=7] [ID=12]
        0x7fdd3b86a810: i64 = Register %RDI [ORD=7] [ID=8]
        0x7fdd3b86aa10: i64 = Register %RSI [ORD=7] [ID=9]
        0x7fdd3b86ac10: i64 = Register %RDX [ORD=7] [ID=10]
        0x7fdd3b86ae10: i32 = Register %ECX [ORD=7] [ID=11]
        0x7fdd3b86af10: ch,glue = CopyToReg 0x7fdd3b86ad10, 0x7fdd3b86ae10,
0x7fdd3b86a710, 0x7fdd3b86ad10:1 [ORD=7] [ID=29]
          0x7fdd3b86ae10: i32 = Register %ECX [ORD=7] [ID=11]
          0x7fdd3b86a710: i32 = Constant<1> [ORD=7] [ID=7]
          0x7fdd3b86ad10: ch,glue = CopyToReg 0x7fdd3b86ab10, 0x7fdd3b86ac10,
0x7fdd3b865f10, 0x7fdd3b86ab10:1 [ORD=7] [ID=28]
            0x7fdd3b86ac10: i64 = Register %RDX [ORD=7] [ID=10]
            0x7fdd3b865f10: i64,ch = load 0x7fdd3b865b10, 0x7fdd3b865c10,
0x7fdd3b865310<LD8[@"OBJC_IVAR_$_A.i"]> [ORD=6] [ID=22]
              0x7fdd3b865c10: i64 = X86ISD::WrapperRIP 0x7fdd3b865510 [ID=19]
                0x7fdd3b865510: i64 = TargetGlobalAddress<i64*
@"OBJC_IVAR_$_A.i"> 0 [ID=16]
              0x7fdd3b865310: i64 = undef [ORD=1] [ID=3]
            0x7fdd3b86ab10: ch,glue = CopyToReg 0x7fdd3b86a910, 0x7fdd3b86aa10,
0x7fdd3b865410, 0x7fdd3b86a910:1 [ORD=7] [ID=27]
              0x7fdd3b86aa10: i64 = Register %RSI [ORD=7] [ID=9]
              0x7fdd3b865410: i64,ch = CopyFromReg 0x10451baf8, 0x7fdd3b865610
[ORD=2] [ID=18]
                0x7fdd3b865610: i64 = Register %vreg3 [ORD=2] [ID=4]
              0x7fdd3b86a910: ch,glue = CopyToReg 0x7fdd3b86a610,
0x7fdd3b86a810, 0x7fdd3b865d10 [ORD=7] [ID=26]
                0x7fdd3b86a810: i64 = Register %RDI [ORD=7] [ID=8]
                0x7fdd3b865d10: i64,ch = load 0x7fdd3b865b10, 0x7fdd3b865710,
0x7fdd3b865310<LD8[%1]> [ORD=4] [ID=23]
                  0x7fdd3b865710: i64 = FrameIndex<0> [ORD=1] [ID=2]
                  0x7fdd3b865310: i64 = undef [ORD=1] [ID=3]

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