[LLVMbugs] [Bug 9705] LLVM miscompiles Wine's dlls/msctf/categorymgr.c at -O0

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--- Comment #7 from austinenglish at gmail.com 2011-10-26 12:22:11 CDT ---
Fixed in Wine, by

Valgrind also showed a problem. From Wine's bugzilla:
Valgrind found a write buffer overrun on a stack buffer,
though since it doesn't really know about stack buffer
ends, we got lucky and the overrun was caught by a sanity
check on memcpy:

Source and destination overlap in memcpy(0x7f22f8c8, 0x7f22f904, 76)
   at memcpy (mc_replace_strmem.c:635)
   by format_string (string.c:339)
   by vsnprintfW (string.c:429)
   by sprintfW (string.c:514)
   by CategoryMgr_FindClosestCategory (categorymgr.c:219)
   by next_LanguageProfile (inputprocessor.c:1030)
   by EnumTfLanguageProfiles_Next (inputprocessor.c:1065)
   by test_EnumLanguageProfiles (inputprocessor.c:935)
   by func_inputprocessor (inputprocessor.c:2202)
   by run_test (test.h:556)
   by main (test.h:624)

so likely not an llvm bug.

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