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Bradley T. Hughes <bradley.hughes at nokia.com> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Bradley T. Hughes <bradley.hughes at nokia.com> 2011-11-04 07:46:25 CDT ---
After a discussion with my colleagues, I read 14.3.2 of the C++ standard:

A template-argument for a non-type, non-template template-parameter shall be
one of: 
- an integral constant-expression of integral or enumeration type; or
- the name of a non-type template-parameter; or
- the address of an object or function with external linkage, including
function templates and function template-ids but excluding non-static class
members, expressed as & id-expression where the & is optional if the name
refers to a function or array, or if the corresponding template-parameter is a
refer- ence; or
- a pointer to member expressed as described in 5.3.1 .

A static function does not have external linkage, and thus isn't a valid
non-type template parameter. Sorry for the noise.

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