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jonathan.sauer at gmx.de changed:

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--- Comment #5 from jonathan.sauer at gmx.de 2011-07-02 16:25:20 CDT ---
Well, it seems that I compiled libc++ with an older version of clang, r133996
to be precise. That resulted in the following symbol in libc++.1.dylib (for
string::append(ForwardIterator, ForwardIterator)):


Now, clang r134322 mangles this as (note the missing "NS" after "ifXsr" and the
differing suffix):


This, of course, resulted in a linker error. And I misread the explicit
instanciation of methods in string.cpp for declarations.

The reason for the change in name mangling seems to be revision 134227:

So, all-clear for libc++. I'm sorry for the noise, and I hope I did not cause
too much work for all involved!

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