[LLVMbugs] [Bug 11639] Trunk clang on Redhat Linux configured with --enable-optimized --with-c-include-dirs=/usr/include:/usr/include/c++/4.1.1

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K. Noel Belcourt <kbelco at sandia.gov> changed:

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--- Comment #4 from K. Noel Belcourt <kbelco at sandia.gov> 2011-12-22 00:04:12 CST ---
Hi Anton,

I just retried a clean build, same error, so compiler-rt trunk is broken. 
Might want to see who's recently pushed to trunk.

This gcc (4.1.2) works fine (was working all day today).  I was trying to
fixing the broken include path support in clang by configuring and passing the
include paths explicitly.  It didn't work but I thought I'd give it a try.  The
crash below is still occurring with a clean checkout of llvm, clang, and

-- Noel

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