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           Summary: Missing destructor call on objects returned from
           Product: clang
           Version: 2.9
          Platform: Macintosh
        OS/Version: MacOS X
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P
         Component: C++
        AssignedTo: unassignedclangbugs at nondot.org
        ReportedBy: ejtttje at gmail.com
                CC: llvmbugs at cs.uiuc.edu, dgregor at apple.com

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Demonstrates the bug.

I am using Xcode 4 with Mac OS X 10.6.7.

I have a piece of code which attempts to use RAII for wrapping a mutex around
calls to a resource class.

There is an Accessor class which overloads operator->().  This returns an
instance of the Lock class, which handles mutex operations in its constructor
and destructor.  The Lock also overrides operator->() to return a pointer to
the resource in question.  (Sample code attached)

This works with g++ across a variety of versions (e.g. 4.2.1 on OS X or 4.4.3
on Ubuntu), as well as llvm-g++ on OS X.  The expected output is:

Lock Acquired 0x7fff5fbff738
Hello World!
Lock Released 0x7fff5fbff738

Lock Acquired 0x7fff5fbff740
Hello World!
Lock Released 0x7fff5fbff740

However, when compiled by clang (Apple clang version 2.0

Lock Acquired 0x7fff5fbff760
Hello World!

Lock Acquired 0x7fff5fbff758
Hello World!
Lock Released 0x7fff5fbff758

Notice the Lock in the first test is never destructed/released.

The difference with the second test is that a 'normal' function is called on
the Accessor, which returns the Lock, and then operator-> is called on that
directly.  In this case, destruction appears to work correctly.  It is the
'implicit' operator-> call in the first case which seems to screw up the
destruction call.

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