[LLVMbugs] [Bug 2898] New: Invalid removal of "dead" stores.

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           Summary: Invalid removal of "dead" stores.
           Product: libraries
           Version: trunk
          Platform: PC
        OS/Version: Linux
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: Common Code Generator Code
        AssignedTo: unassignedbugs at nondot.org
        ReportedBy: lhames at gmail.com
                CC: llvmbugs at cs.uiuc.edu

The ldecod benchmark (MultiSource/Applications/JM/ldecod) is miscompiled for
AMD64. I believe this is due to a bug in LocalSpiller where certain stores are
assumed to be "dead", and thus are removed, when they are in fact still

The problem is exposed when the PBQP allocator is used on AMD64. It can be
demonstrated by adding -regalloc=pbqp to LLCBETA_OPTIONS, and running, from


The resulting program segfaults when run on the test input:

bash-3.2$ ./Output/ldecod.llc-beta -i data/test.264 -o Output/test_dec.yuv -r

----------------------------- JM 12.1 (FRExt) -----------------------------
 Decoder config file                    : (null) 
 Input H.264 bitstream                  : data/test.264 
 Output decoded YUV                     : Output/test_dec.yuv 
 Output status file                     : log.dec 
 Input reference file                   : data/test_rec.yuv 
POC must = frame# or field# for SNRs to be correct
  Frame       POC   Pic#   QP   SnrY    SnrU    SnrV   Y:U:V  Time(ms)
Segmentation fault

The test case can be reduced with the following:

bugpoint -run-llc ldecod.llvm.bc --args -i ../data/test.264 -r
../data/test_rec.yuv --tool-args -regalloc=pbqp

Faulting basic block is itrans8x8_bb15_bb15_2E_ce.

After register allocation, before spilling bb15.ce contains the following two
instructions (among many others):

        %reg1170<def> = LEA64r %reg1024, 1, %reg1103<kill>, 1384
        MOV32mr %reg1171<kill>, 4, %reg1089, 0, %reg1167<kill>, Mem:ST(4,4)
[0x15c0628 + 0]

reg167, reg1170 and reg1171 are spill intervals. Pertinent allocations are:
reg1170 = R8, reg1171 = R9, reg1089 = R10, reg 1167 = R8D

During spilling by LocalSpiller the following problem occurs:

        %reg1170<def> = LEA64r %R12, 1, %R8<kill>, 1384
Store:  MOV64mr <fi#10>, 1, %reg0, 0, %R8<kill>
Remembering SS#10 in physreg R8
        MOV64mr <fi#10>, 1, %reg0, 0, %R8<kill>
Reusing SS#10 from physreg R8 for vreg1171 instead of reloading into physreg R9
Removed dead store:     MOV64mr <fi#10>, 1, %reg0, 0, %R8<kill>
PhysReg R9 clobbered, invalidating SS#9
PhysReg R8 clobbered, invalidating SS#10
Remembering SS#10 in physreg R9 
        %R9<def> = MOV64rm <fi#10>, 1, %reg0, 0
Reuse undone!
Remembering SS#8 in physreg R8D
        %R8D<def> = MOV32rm <fi#8>, 1, %reg0, 0
        MOV32mr %R9<kill>, 4, %R10, 0, %R8D<kill>, Mem:ST(4,4) [0x15c0628 + 0]

In attempting to Reuse SS#10 in physreg R8 for the second instruction the store
of reg1170/R8 is treated as dead by the block starting it VirtRegMap.cpp:1441.
When it is discovered that R8 is clobbered by a later parameter the load into
R9 is re-instated, but the store is not, leading to junk in R9. In general I do
not think dead stores cannot be eliminated until the validity of the re-uses
are confirmed.

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