[LLVMbugs] Problems compiling poolalloc

Michelle Strout mstrout at CS.ColoState.EDU
Mon Aug 11 10:20:20 PDT 2008


We have started to use LLVM again.  At this point we cannot figure out  
how to use the -dsa-aa alias analysis.  We would like to step through  
the DSA alias analysis in the debugger and figure out how to use it  
with OpenAnalysis.  Initially, we want to run DSA on some sample  
programs and view the alias sets.

This page (http://llvm.org/docs/AliasAnalysis.html) states the  

	"Note that -ds-aa is available in the optional "poolalloc" module, it  
is not part of the LLVM core."

The README for poolalloc says:
	To use the Automatic Pool Allocator optimization pass, you will need to
	explicitly load it into the opt program:

        	 > opt -load <path to pool allocator> -poolalloc <other opt  

Here are some of the commands that we have attempted with no success.

	% opt -ds-aa -print-alias-sets -disable-output		// as shown in the  
AliasAnalysis.html documentation
opt: Unknown command line argument '-ds-aa'.  Try: 'opt --help'

	% opt -load=/Users/mstrout/software/lib/libpoolalloc_fl_rt.dylib - 
poolalloc < temp.bc > temp.2.bc
opt: Unknown command line argument '-poolalloc'.  Try: 'opt --help'

	% opt -load /Users/mstrout/software/lib/libpoolalloc_fl_rt.dylib -ds- 
aa -print-alias-sets < temp.bc > temp.2.bc
opt: Unknown command line argument '-ds-aa'.  Try: 'opt --help'

We have also tried the above with the libpoolalloc_rt.dylib.

What are we missing?


On Jun 20, 2008, at 2:12 PM, John Criswell wrote:

> Michelle Strout wrote:
>> Chris and others,
>> To get the poolalloc module to compile, I had to copy some llvm
>> include files to different names.
>>         % cd /Users/mstrout/software/include/llvm/ADT/
>>         % cp hash_map hash_map.h
>>         % cp hash_set hash_set.h
>>         % cp iterator iterator.h
>> Does this mean that poolalloc is not being updated?  What is its  
>> status?
> We are currently doing active work on llvm-poolalloc; mainline llvm- 
> poolalloc should compile with mainline LLVM.
> Is your LLVM and llvm-poolalloc trees up to date with everything in  
> the Subversion repository?
> -- John T.

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