[LLVMbugs] [Bug 1757] Missed optimization: any number greater than two is not equal to two

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Anton Korobeynikov <asl at math.spbu.ru> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Anton Korobeynikov <asl at math.spbu.ru>  2007-10-30 02:26:30 ---
Running opt -predsimplify results:

; ModuleID = '<stdin>'

declare i32 @asdf()

declare i32 @asdf2()

declare i32 @asdf3()

define i32 @myfunc(i32) {
        %.demorgan = icmp sgt i32 %0, 2         ; <i1> [#uses=1]
        br i1 %.demorgan, label %GreaterThanTwo, label %LessThanOrEqualToTwo

GreaterThanTwo:         ; preds = %EntryBlock
        br i1 false, label %Impossible, label %NotTwoAndGreaterThanTwo

NotTwoAndGreaterThanTwo:                ; preds = %GreaterThanTwo
        call i32 @asdf( )               ; <i32>:1 [#uses=0]
        ret i32 2

Impossible:             ; preds = %GreaterThanTwo
        call i32 @asdf2( )              ; <i32>:2 [#uses=0]
        ret i32 1

LessThanOrEqualToTwo:           ; preds = %EntryBlock
        call i32 @asdf3( )              ; <i32>:3 [#uses=0]
        ret i32 0

Unfortunately, predsimplify is not ready for enabling in the mainline.
Resolving as LATER.

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