[LLVMbugs] [Bug 1233] multi-dimensional VLA indicies not scaled by llvm-gcc

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Fri Mar 2 15:40:51 PST 2007


sabre at nondot.org changed:

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------- Additional Comments From sabre at nondot.org  2007-03-02 17:40 -------
Okay, here's the second half of the patch, which handles the ARRAY_REF array case (previous patch 
handled ARRAY_REF pointer case):

With this, we now compile:

int foo(int v, int w, int x, int y, int z,
        float A[][w][x],
        int g, int h, int i, int j, int k){
  return A[g][10000][0];


        movl 28(%esp), %eax
        imull 8(%esp), %eax
        leal 40000(,%eax,4), %eax
        imull 12(%esp), %eax
        movl 24(%esp), %ecx
        cvttss2si (%ecx,%eax), %eax

... which looks right to me.

GCC produces this, which is also right, but just worse code:

        movl    12(%esp), %eax
        movl    %eax, %edx
        imull   8(%esp), %edx
        imull   $40000, %eax, %eax
        imull   28(%esp), %edx
        leal    (%eax,%edx,4), %edx
        movl    24(%esp), %eax
        cvttss2si       (%edx,%eax), %eax

We now compile your full case to:

        movl 8(%esp), %eax
        imull 28(%esp), %eax
        addl 32(%esp), %eax
        imull 12(%esp), %eax
        addl 36(%esp), %eax
        imull 16(%esp), %eax
        addl 40(%esp), %eax
        imull 20(%esp), %eax
        addl 44(%esp), %eax
        movl 24(%esp), %ecx
        cvttss2si (%ecx,%eax,4), %eax

GCC produces:

        pushl   %esi
        movl    24(%esp), %eax
        movl    %eax, %ecx
        imull   20(%esp), %ecx
        imull   44(%esp), %eax
        movl    %ecx, %edx
        imull   16(%esp), %edx
        imull   40(%esp), %ecx
        movl    %edx, %esi
        imull   36(%esp), %edx
        imull   12(%esp), %esi
        imull   32(%esp), %esi
        addl    %edx, %eax
        addl    %ecx, %eax
        addl    48(%esp), %eax
        sall    $2, %eax
        leal    (%eax,%esi,4), %esi
        movl    28(%esp), %eax
        cvttss2si       (%esi,%eax), %eax
        popl    %esi

Please verify that the new codegen is correct.  Thanks again,


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