[LLVMbugs] llvm-gcc4 & PCH

Anton Korobeynikov asl at math.spbu.ru
Sat Feb 10 23:58:45 PST 2007

Hello, Chris.

> Yes it is.  It was subtly broken until recently.  Devang is actively 
> working on fixing it right.  Until then, it will probably be obviously 
> broken :).  It'll probably take a week, maybe two on the outside to get 
> resolved.
Well, ok. So, my 5 cents for PCH fixing. Attached patch will allow
correct path to PCH file to be printed into preprocessed source.
Currently on systems using backward slashes as path separator (e.g.
mingw) PCH path is printed with mixed "\" and "/", even more, "\"'s are
not esacaped, so later everything got confused :)

This patch uses standard gcc way to do platform dependent filename
printing via output_quoted_string() call.

WBR, Anton Korobeynikov 
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