[LLVMbugs] [PATCH] llvm-config update

Eric Kidd emk.lists at gmail.com
Thu Mar 23 14:26:11 PST 2006

On Mar 22, 2006, at 11:03 AM, Reid Spencer wrote:
>      2. The patch to utils/Makefile was undone because this forces
>         everyone everywhere to have a Perl processor when building  
> llvm.
>         I didn't want to take the risk of developers screaming at  
> me, so
>         we'll build llvm-config manually for now until its perfect.
>         Ideally, the configure script will locate Perl and we'll only
>         build llvm-config if Perl is available.

I've added the necessary code to detect Perl 5.006 or newer, and to  
only build llvm-config when Perl is available.

>      1. llvm-config -libs all produces: "llvm-config: unknown  
> component
>         name: jit". The same output is produced for "-libs jitplus"  
> and
>         "-lib native".  That needs to get fixed before we can call  
> this
>         "done".

As we discussed off-list, this was caused by a missing "+x" bit on  
your copy of find-cycles.pl. I've modified the Makefile to work even  
if find-cycles.pl is non-executable, or Perl is in a non-standard  

>      2. Please take the "usage" documentation that you have and put it
>         in POD form per the ascribed format in docs/CommandGuide. Just
>         copy, say, llvm-as.pod and modify to the command line for  
> llvm-
>         config.


> With this fixes and documentation, I think we have a completed llvm-
> config script. Please submit patches against these latest cvs commits.

I think that llvm-config should now work for some users, some of the  
time. :-) The biggest remaining problem is that LibDeps.txt doesn't  
seem to include some template-related dependencies, which I've posted  
to llvmdev about.

Obviously, llvm-config will need to be tested on various platforms  
(with various sets of components) before we get 100% solid output  
from --ldflags and --libs. But we've taken a big step in the right  

> P.S. mea culpa. I forgot to attribute your contribution to you in my
> commit message. My apologies.

I've taken the liberty of including a new entry for CREDITS.txt in my  
patch. :-) As before, I'm placing all this code into the public domain.

Many thanks for all your feedback and help with this patch!


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