[LLVMbugs] [PATCH] llvm-config, take 2, first draft

Eric Kidd emk.lists at gmail.com
Tue Mar 21 22:33:36 PST 2006

At Reid's suggestion, I've rewritten llvm-config to have a full  
dependency-tree walker (and cycle finder).  This is a lot bigger than  
the first implementation, but it handles nearly all the oddities of  
linking against LLVM.

Who should look at this patch: Anyone that wants to see my work in  
progress and give me feedback on the design, the names of arguments,  
or anything else. There's probably still some gremlins in this code-- 
particularly when handling circular *.a dependencies--so it should  
*not* be checked into the CVS tree.

I'm still looking for a good name for the "jitplus" component, which  
is a fake component that pulls in all the libraries needed by a  
typical JIT application.


Usage: llvm-config <OPTION>... [<COMPONENT>...]

Get various configuration information needed to compile programs  
which use
LLVM.  Typically called from 'configure' scripts.  Examples:
   llvm-config --cxxflags
   llvm-config --ldflags
   llvm-config --libs jitplus

   --version              LLVM version.
   --prefix               Installation prefix.
   --bindir               Directory containing LLVM executables.
   --includedir           Directory containing LLVM headers.
   --libdir               Directory containing LLVM libraries.
   --cxxflags             C++ compiler flags for files that include  
LLVM headers.
   --ldflags              Linker flags.
   --libs                 Libraries needed to link against LLVM  
   --libnames             Bare library names for in-tree builds.
   --components           List of all possible components.
   --targets-built        List of all targets currently built.
Typical components:
   all                    All LLVM libraries (default).
   native                 A native-code backend for this platform, if  
   jitplus                All libraries needed to use the LLVM JIT  

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