[LLVMbugs] compiling llvm-tools for linux/PPC

Cyrille Mescam cyrille.mescam at lip6.fr
Tue Jun 7 07:11:50 PDT 2005

When compiling llvm-tools for linux/PPC, there is a problem when 
entering PPC Target.

In fact, you use PPC string for namespace whereas it is an already 
defined constant under Linux/PPC.
So that, the declaration of the namespace llvm::PPC isn't possible under 
Linux/PPC ( PPC32Relocations.h )
The problem is in directory: llvm/lib/Target/PowerPC

Any idea ?


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UPMC-LIP6-SRC                 //\
8 rue du Capitaine Scott      v_/_
75015 Paris, France

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