[LLVMbugs] [Bug 672] Indirect tail calls fail when register allocated is callee save

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Sat Dec 3 04:08:57 PST 2005


alex at inga.mit.edu changed:

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------- Additional Comments From alex at inga.mit.edu  2005-12-03 06:08 -------
;; something is still not right
; seg faults with: llvm-as < tail-break.ll | lli --enable-x86-fastcc
declare int %putchar(int)

int %main(){ 
 %f   = cast int (int, int*, int)* %check_tail to int*
 %res = tail call fastcc int %check_tail( int 10, int* %f,int 10)
 ret int %res

fastcc int %check_tail(int %x, int* %f, int %g) {
	%tmp1 = setgt int %x, 0
	br bool %tmp1, label %if-then, label %if-else

	%fun_ptr = cast int* %f to int(int, int*, int)*	
	%arg1    = add int %x, -1
	call int %putchar(int 90)	
	%res = tail call fastcc int %fun_ptr( int %arg1, int * %f, int %g)
	ret int %res

        ret int %x

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