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------- Additional Comments From rspencer at x10sys.com  2004-11-24 22:54 -------
Resolving this bug because:

1. srcdir != objdir building is working fine and has been for some time.
2. automake usage was attempted but it didn't provide enough flexibility for
   the things LLVM needs so it was rejected (see bug 106).
3. Makefile.in files are not necessary for the LLVM makefile system as all
   configured data is handled through Makefile.config.in.
4. Automatic makefile updating from the srcdir to the objdir is working 
5. The makefile system now knows how to reconfigure automatically if the 
   configure script has changed. 
6. The makefile system now knows how to regenerate configured files from their
   sources if the sources change (e.g if Makefile.config.in changes, then the
   makefiles will automatically regenerate Makefile.config)
7. John's makefile copying strategy has been preserved.
8. Many more items are now cached to reduce confgure script time when caching
   is enabled (-C option). 
9. The test/Programs has been moved to projects/llvm-test getting rid of a
   a large source of makefile copies.

Patches are too numerous and too spread over time to list here. But, the main
reorganization of the configure.ac script per autoconf guidlines is here:



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