[LLVMbugs] [Bug 390] getFirstTerminator does not work for Sparc

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------- Additional Comments From gaeke+bugs at uiuc.edu  2004-07-01 23:04 -------
I beg to differ...

getFirstTerminator as it currently stands has built in to it the assumption that
all terminator instructions must be contiguous at the end of the machine basic
block. This is entirely unobvious unless you read the code for the method itself.
If you want to keep it that way -- and that makes sense for non-delay-slot
targets! -- this needs to be documented in some way. (My apologies in advance
if I have missed something.)

In fact, one could reasonably argue that it's broken for blocks which have been
run through the DelaySlotFiller, for example (not just on ordinary SparcV9 blocks.)

In addition, the Sparc backend uses a relatively brittle and even more unobvious
method for finding the first terminator machine instr. I am still of the opinion
that migrating it to use this API (as well as other facets of the MachineBasicBlock
class, like the machine-CFG) would be an improvement.

I'm reopening this as an enhancement bug, because although it isn't really a
show-stopper in the short term, it represents an issue that I'd like to address in
the medium term.

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