[lldb-dev] RFC: Eliminate LLDB_DISABLE_PYTHON

Nat! via lldb-dev lldb-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Mar 7 12:02:53 PST 2019

I second this opinion and have really not much further to add, except 
maybe that just yesterday to my delight I actually discovered  this 
option and now promptly use it as the default when building my debugger 
variant. It removed a lot of python warnings when running my handbuilt 
lldb on macos.


> Jim Ingham via lldb-dev <mailto:lldb-dev at lists.llvm.org>
> 7. März 2019 um 20:03
> Even though you can just use debugserver/lldb-server and debug 
> remotely, many people find it handy to be able to run a debugger 
> directly on the device they are using. But requiring that you port 
> Python and bundle it with your embedded platform just to get a 
> debugger there is a pretty big ask. So it is still quite useful to be 
> able to build lldb without Python. This option hasn't been broken all 
> that frequently in our uses, but if it is being a problem, the better 
> solution would be to set up a bot to build with this option, so we can 
> make sure it keeps working.
> Jim
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