[lldb-dev] new tool (core2yaml) + a new top-level library (Formats)

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> I don't know much about the minidump format or code, but it sounds
> reasonable for me to have support for it in yaml2obj, which would be a
> sufficient motivation to have the code live there. As you mention in your
> footnote, MachO core files are already supported, and it sounds like ELF
> could reuse a bunch of existing code as well. So having everything in LLVM
> would give you even more symmetry. I also doubt anyone would mind having
> more fine grained yamlization, even if you cannot use it to reduce a test
> it's nicer to see structure than a binary blob (imho). Anyway, that's just
> my take, I guess this is more of a question for the LLVM mailing list.

A lot of obj2yaml output is just "Section Name" / "Section Contents" and
then a long hex string consisting of the contents.  Since a core file is an
ELF file, this would already be supported for obj2yaml today (in theory),
but I also agree that specific knowledge of breaking it down into finer
grained fields and subfields, and actually parsing the core, is probably
not useful for anything else in LLVM.

>> Discussion topic #3: Use of .def files in lldb. In one of the patches a
>> create a .def textual header to be used for avoiding repetitive code
>> when dealing various constants. This is fairly common practice in llvm,
>> but would be a first in lldb.
> I think this is a good idea. Although not exactly the same, we already got
> our feet wet with a tablegen file in the driver.
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