[lldb-dev] Missing module (debug symbols?) for Swift

Tabor Kelly via lldb-dev lldb-dev at lists.llvm.org
Sun Feb 3 18:48:07 PST 2019


I am new to LLDB and don't quite understand the relationship between
llvm.org and Apple. However, I would like to fix a bug that is
preventing me from debugging some code that I compiled with Swift 4.2
on Ubuntu 18.04. Specifically, when I use the Apple/Swift LLDB with
this code and LLDB_SWIFT_DUMP_DIAGS=1 enabled I get errors that say
"<unknown>:0: error: missing required module 'Clibavahiclient'".
However, I went looking and to my novice eyes it looks like the module
(symbols?) that LLDB is looking for are on the file system.
Specifically, there is a file (Clibavahiclient-2J8WBHG3Q43SC.pcm)
which is an ELF binary with lots of DWARF symbols, including the

0x00000026:   DW_TAG_module
                DW_AT_name ("Clibavahiclient")
                DW_AT_LLVM_config_macros ("\"-D__swift__=40150\"")
                DW_AT_LLVM_isysroot ("/")

I have posted a full write-up with source code and all the symbols here:

Am I on the right track? Does Clibavahiclient-2J8WBHG3Q43SC.pcm have
the information that LLDB is missing? If so, how would I go about
getting that knowledge to LLDB?

Thank you,


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