[lldb-dev] [llvm] r343874 - DwarfDebug: Pick next location in case of missing location at block begin

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Wed Oct 10 12:18:02 PDT 2018

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> case of missing location at block begin
> > On Oct 10, 2018, at 9:54 AM, Vedant Kumar <vsk at apple.com> wrote:
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> >> On Oct 10, 2018, at 9:16 AM, Matthias Braun <matze at braunis.de> wrote:
> >>
> >> So I haven't worked much on debug info, but here's the explanation for
> my patches:
> >> My original motivation was getting rid of code some code in the llvm
> codegen that for spills and reloads just picked the next debug location
> around. That just seemed wrong to me, as spills and reloads really are
> bookkeeping, we just move values around between registers and memory and
> none of it is related to anything the user wrote in the source program. So
> not assigning any debug information felt right for these instructions.
> Then people noticed line table bloat because of this and I guess we
> assumed that having exact line-0 annotations isn't that useful that it
> warrants bloating the debug information...
> >
> > Right. This doesn't seem any more arbitrary than reusing the previous
> instruction location, which we do all the time. I think it's a reasonable
> tradeoff.

For spills and reloads, the next valid source location might be reasonable.
For top-of-block instructions, I really don't think so; we had this issue
in FastISel, some years back, and ultimately went with line-0 at top of 
block because it caused way fewer problems than hoisting the next valid 
source location.

Please revert, and make top-of-block not work the same as spills and reloads.

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