[lldb-dev] Does LLDB work on windows?

Levo DeLellis via lldb-dev lldb-dev at lists.llvm.org
Sat Apr 21 23:34:27 PDT 2018

 I had LLDB working without any effort on linux however I can't seem to get
it working on windows. On this page titled LLDB Status
https://lldb.llvm.org/status.html it says LLDB is working on Windows
(i386). I'm unsure if this means win32 apps, release or OS. I executed the
below using llvm 64bit binary then tried again after uninstalling llvm and
using the win32 binary

LLDB can't seem to find my source file location. Doing a quick search and
looking in https://lldb.llvm.org/lldb-gdb.html I tried using `settings set
target.source-map MYPATH` but it didn't seem to help. `source list` gives
me nothing. I'm using llvm 6. Specifically this build

$ cat a.c
#include <stdio.h>
int main() {
        return 0;
$ clang -g -m32 a.c
$ ./a.exe
$ lldb a.exe
(lldb) target create "a.exe"
Current executable set to 'a.exe' (i686).
b main
(lldb) b main
Breakpoint 1: no locations (pending).
WARNING:  Unable to resolve breakpoint to any actual locations.
(lldb) r
Process 2908 launching
(lldb) Process 2908 launched: 'C:\Users\LD\Desktop\test\a.exe' (i686)
Process 2908 exited with status = 0 (0x00000000)
(lldb) exit
(lldb) exit
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