[lldb-dev] r329889 - Use in-tree dsymutil on Darwin

Ted Woodward via lldb-dev lldb-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Apr 20 08:46:26 PDT 2018

r329889 says "Use in-tree dsymutil on Darwin", but it's got these change in
-set(LLDB_TEST_DEPS lldb)
+set(LLDB_TEST_DEPS lldb dsymutil)


+  --dsymutil $<TARGET_FILE:dsymutil>

These changes aren't gated by a check for Darwin, so they happen on all
systems. On my machine (Ubuntu 14), which doesn't have dsymutil, cmake
generation gives errors about missing dependency dsymutil.

CMake Error at tools/lldb/test/CMakeLists.txt:161 (add_dependencies):
   The dependency target "dsymutil" of target "lldb-dotest" does not exist.

Jonas, can you gate those changes with a check for Darwin, which is the
intention of the patch?


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