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Thu Apr 19 11:14:28 PDT 2018

We currently have DWARF that has a DW_AT_comp_dir that is set to "./" followed by any number of extra '/' characters. I would like to have this path normalized as we parse the DWARF so we don't end up with line tables with a variety of ".//+" prefixes on each source file.

While looking to solve this issue, I took a look at the functionality that is in FileSpec right now. In:

void FileSpec::SetFile(llvm::StringRef pathname, bool resolve, PathSyntax syntax);

This function always calls a cheaper normalize function:

namespace {
  void Normalize(llvm::SmallVectorImpl<char> &path, FileSpec::PathSyntax syntax);

This function does nothing for posix paths, but switches backward slashes to forward slashes. 

We have a FileSpec function named FileSpec::GetNormalizedPath() which will do much more path normalization on a path by removing redundant "." and ".." and "//". 

I can fix my DWARF issue in a few ways:
1 - fix FileSpec::SetFile() to still call ::Normalize() but have it do more work and have it normalize out the and redundant or relative path info
2 - call FileSpec::GetNormalizedPath() on each comp dir before using it to actually normalize it

The main question is: do we want paths floating around LLDB that aren't normalized? It seems like having a mixture of theses path will lead to issues in LLDB so I would vote for solution #1.

Also, looking at the tests for normalizing paths I found the following pairs of pre-normalized and post-normalization paths for posix:

      {"//", "//"},
      {"//net", "//net"},

Why wouldn't we reduce "//" to just "/" for posix? And why wouldn't we reduce "//net" to "/net"?

Also I found:

      {"./foo", "foo"},

Do we prefer to not have "./foo" to stay as "./foo"? Seems like if users know that their debug info has line table entries that are "./foo/foo.c" that they might type this in:

(lldb) b ./foo/foo.c:12

But this will fail since it might not match the "foo/foo.c:12" that might result from path normalization. We don't normalize right now so it doesn't matter and things would match, but part of my fix is normalizing a path in the DWARF that is currently ".////////foo/foo.c" down to either "./foo/foo.c" or "foo/foo.c" so it will matter depending on what we decide here. 

Any input would be appreciated.

Greg Clayton

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