[lldb-dev] postmortem debugging (core/minidump) & modules

Leonard Mosescu via lldb-dev lldb-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Apr 10 11:32:39 PDT 2018

I'm looking at how the LLDB minidump reader creates the list of modules:

void ProcessMinidump::ReadModuleList() {


const auto file_spec = FileSpec(name.getValue(), true);
ModuleSpec module_spec = file_spec;
Status error;
lldb::ModuleSP module_sp = GetTarget().GetSharedModule(module_spec, &error);
if (!module_sp || error.Fail()) {



LLDB currently will insist on finding a local image for the module, which
is usually not the case for postmortem debugging on machines different than
the the the one where the minidump was created.

I don't see an obvious way to model modules which have no local image
(which is still different than the remote scenario where there is a remote
module image), am I missing anything?

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