[lldb-dev] Emacs LLDB support & the GDB/MI Interface

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Sat Jul 29 12:59:03 PDT 2017

Developers here may or may not be aware that there's some serious interest from Emacs users to have proper support for LLDB in Emacs.

There's been some pretty heated debate that included RMS, but the community has pretty much told him what they think about his opinion and are willing to accept any solid effort at adding support.

The issue has been brought up again here:

And one thread seems to indicate that if if we could "convince LLDB developers to provide a decent implementation of the GDB/MI protocol, then using LLDB from Emacs will be a no-brainer, and probably won't require any sanction from any Emacs developer."

Can we get some love from the LLDB dev community to get this moving in the right direction?

Unfortunately there are plenty of us macOS developers who use Emacs and really just can't function well without LLDB support.

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