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> Subject: [lldb-dev] Remote debugging - unix socket and/or specific port
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> Has there been any change in this since reported here :
> http://lists.llvm.org/pipermail/lldb-dev/2016-June/010616.html
> It is pretty clear that that the remote-linux platform is trying to 
> open additional ports to talk to lldb-server, and if that server is 
> in a container we need to expose them. But what ports, how many, how
> to specify? All uncertain.
> Looking at the source shows there are some (undocumented?) port 
> commands in lldb-server platform, I'm wondering if this is a solved 
> problem that just doesn't have an easy-to-search-for solution.

Hi Mark,

There's another thread here:
where I had an issue connecting to a remote lldb-server process on a 
particular port.

As part of that I was using options to tell lldb-server what ports to use. 
 (I submitted a fix for the connection issues but the options code was 
written by someone else.) 
There's some examples of the options in that thread but I did have a 
summary in my own archives:

Option (short and long forms)           Purpose
--port-offset <port>, -p <port>         Specify an offset to return to the 
port number returned for a new process.
--gdbserver-port <port> -P <port>               Return the specified port 
number when a process is started. (Can specify multiple ports to use using 
more than one, e.g. -P 1024 -P 2048 )
--min-gdbserver-port <port> -m <port>   Return a port number equal to or 
greater than the specified port number when a process is started.
--max-gdbserver-port <port> -M <port>   Return a port number less than the 
specified port number when a process is started.

I hope that helps,

Howard Hellyer 
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