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Hi all,

Given a file name, line number and variable name, I am trying to determine the address. I tried the following approach:

*         First I got the block corresponding to the file and line:

o   from the file name I got a SBCompileUnit

o   using the SBCompileUnit and line number I got a SBLineEntry

?  for FindLineEntryIndex the "exact" parameter needs to be false else it will return empty if the line is on a function

o   get the SBBlock: lineEntry.GetStartAddress().GetBlock()

*         Now I got the variables for that block and search by name

o   block.GetVariables(target, True, True, True)

o   I still need to figure out if on the given line there is a function static and a function argument since both will show up in the list

o   Search for the variable by name and get its address - there is no address :(
The problem is that for line 3 in the code below, my SBValue object in the list doesn't have an address, just "<Invalid stack frame in context for DW_OP_fbreg opcode.>". Any ideas how to solve this?

Also, how can I set the context for evaluating an expression to a file and line number? (on line 8, evaluate "v" to 1)

1 void foo()
2 {
      3     int v = 1;
      4     {
      5           int v = 2;
-->   6           ++v;
      7     }
      8     v += 5;
9 }

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