[lldb-dev] Debugging and non-byte-oriented architectures

Tyro Software via lldb-dev lldb-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Jun 8 03:06:43 PDT 2016

LLDB and the GDB remote serial protocol beneath it are quite strongly
byte-oriented, for example the RSP "read memory" command has arguments
"addr,length-in-bytes". I'm experimenting with a debugger target for an
architecture that is based upon 16-bit-words, and while it's simple to map
between words and bytes (e.g. when reading code from $PC double the address
and the number of units retrieved) this gets confusing and raises the risk
that its doesn't get done universally.

My impression is that the code base is quite strongly wedded to 8-bit bytes
addressed directly, but maybe I didn't notice some kind of transparent
scaling (e.g. declare a register class as being 16-bit-word, then all
indirect access through it gets automagically scaled)? Are there existing
non-byte-based architectures supported by LLDB that I could look at?

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