[lldb-dev] Listening for thread events

John Lindal via lldb-dev lldb-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Jan 29 14:32:29 PST 2016

I'm building an X11 UI on top of LLDB, and I'm stuck trying to listen for
thread events.

lldb_private::Thread is a Broadcaster, but lldb::SBThread doesn't expose a
GetBroadcaster() event the way SBProcess does.

I wouldn't really want to have to listen to every SBThread object, but when
the program stops, I could listen to the selected thread.  (Getting the
events from SBProcess would also work, if Process relayed them.)

Is this a feature that has not yet been implemented?  I couldn't find any
related tickets in Bugzilla.

John Lindal
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