[lldb-dev] Get source-map from python API?

Jeffrey Tan via lldb-dev lldb-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Jan 14 14:41:40 PST 2016


We are building an IDE debugger on top of lldb python API. In order to get
the source remapping work(the source path embedded in the symbol may be
different from the real source path), user needs to use "settings set
target.source-map" command to remap the source.

I would like users to do similar thing from our IDE debugger. However, I
could not find a python API to specify the source remapping, and more
important a way to access the remapping functionality. The SBSourceManager
class only exposes a single DisplaySourceLinesWithLineNumbers() method
which displays the source in console output. Ideally it should expose an
API in SBSourceManager for us to provide the old FileSpec and get back a
new remapped FileSpec.

Is this not exposed in Python API? Do I need to re-do the remapping logic
in our IDE UI code? How is other IDE handling the source remapping?

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