[lldb-dev] static swig bindings and xcode workspace

Zachary Turner via lldb-dev lldb-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Nov 30 09:23:46 PST 2015

Has the xcode build been changed to use static bindings yet?  I got to
thinking that maybe it would make sense to put them alongside the xcode
workspace folders, just to emphasize that the static bindings were an
artifact of how the xcode build works.  This way we just say "Xcode build
uses static bindings" and "CMake build needs an installed swig", and this
is enforced at the directory level.

In order to do this you'd have to probably make a new toplevel folder to
house both the lldb.xcodeproj and lldb.xcworkspace folders, but I think
that would be useful for other reasons as well.  For example, I want to
check in a visual studio python solution for the test suite at some point,
and it would make sense if all of this additional stuff was in one place.
So perhaps something like:

|__ contrib
    |__ xcode
        |__ LLDBWrapPython.cpp
        |__ lldb.py
        |__ lldb.xcodeproj
        |__ lldb.xcworkspace
    |__ msvc

I have been thinking about this idea of a contrib folder for a while
anyway, but wanted to have more reasons to make use of it before I brought
it up.

Good idea?  Bad idea?  Thoughts?
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