[lldb-dev] Exclusively build and install LLDB?

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Sun Nov 22 20:19:24 PST 2015

LLDB links against clang and llvm.  How would an lldb-only target work?
 i.e. how would you build lldb without first building clang and llvm?
Unless I'm misunderstanding the purpose of your question:

As for the install, are you saying that running "ninja install" does not
install lldb?  If so that's a bug and shoudl be fixed in the CMake.

On Sun, Nov 22, 2015 at 5:44 PM Kamil Rytarowski via lldb-dev <
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> Are there plans to add new target: lldb-only and lldb-install? There
> are already similar targets for Clang.
> I'm debugging LLDB on NetBSD and I'm having very bad time building
> everything with debug symbols. There is also popular request from
> NetBSD users to just install lldb without conflicting with Clang and LLV
> M.
> I was looking at Open Source distributions with a LLDB package, for
> example ArchLinux is manually copying files from the build...
> I would like to skip building unnecessary parts and then focus on
> installing only the LLDB package... otherwise I need 64GB of
> RAM+storage and a lot of time to produce new package.
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