[lldb-dev] Auditing dotest's command line options

Zachary Turner via lldb-dev lldb-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Nov 18 14:32:15 PST 2015

I would like to do a complete audit of dotest's command line options, find
out who's using what, and then potentially delete anything that isn't being
used.  There's a mess of command line options in use, to the point that
it's often hard to find free letters to use for new options.

I created this spreadsheet with a complete list of command line options,
their descriptions, and a place for people to enter what options they're
using or do not want to be deleted.


If someone has already written YES in the box that indicates they need the
option, please don't overwrite it.  If you write YES in a box, please
provide at least a small rationale for why this option is useful to you.
Feel free to add additional rationale if someone has already added some

I'm going to have a couple days in mid-December and do this cleanup, so I'd
like to get a solid picture of what options are not needed before then.
After people have had some time to look over this, I'll go through the
results and decide what to do with each one, and then send out another
email with a proposed action column for each command line option.

Please do take the time to have a look at this, because any option that
doesn't have a YES in it after a couple of weeks I'm going to assume is a
candidate for deletion.
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