[lldb-dev] Link warnings about lldb::endian::InlHostByteOrder()

Bruce Mitchener via lldb-dev lldb-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Nov 5 01:21:20 PST 2015

Greg et al:

When linking (cmake on OS X), I get a lot of warnings like this:

  ld: warning: cannot export hidden symbol lldb::endian::InlHostByteOrder()

Should this function be in the public namespace?

It is an inline function which is why I think it gets flagged as hidden.

Can we move it out of the lldb namespace? Or has that ship sailed? Is there
some other way that we can suppress this warning or fix the underlying
issue? (Can we exclude a symbol from being exported somehow?)

This isn't the only symbol that is a problem, but it is the one that
generates the most output.

 - Bruce
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