[lldb-dev] Expressions on baremetal target

Bhushan Attarde Bhushan.Attarde at imgtec.com
Tue Mar 31 04:30:50 PDT 2015


We are debugging a baremetal application using LLDB which is connected to a remote target (supporting GDB remote protocol).
We are able to execute expressions involving global and frame variables such as:

(lldb) expr var+4

However, LLDB is unable to execute expressions involving function calls.

(lldb) expr (int) bar(1,2)
error: Can't run the expression locally: Interpreter doesn't handle one of the expression's opcodes

Function bar is defined as int bar(int, int).

The expression execution_policy is set to eExecutionPolicyNever as CanJIT() returns false for baremetal applications.
This is because JIT is disabled for static dynamic loader targets.
The IRInterpreter::CanInterpret returns false as it fails to interpret call instruction (call to 'bar' is not an intrinsic).

Could you please help us on this?

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