[lldb-dev] PlatformLinux::CreateInstance() and Triple Vendor

Ted Woodward ted.woodward at codeaurora.org
Thu Mar 26 09:27:10 PDT 2015

PlatformLinux::CreateInstance() has this code, which checks the Vendor in
the Triple:

        switch (triple.getVendor())
            case llvm::Triple::PC:
                create = true;

#if defined(__linux__)
            // Only accept "unknown" for the vendor if the host is linux and
            // it "unknown" wasn't specified (it was just returned because
            // was NOT specified_
            case llvm::Triple::VendorType::UnknownVendor:
                create = !arch->TripleVendorWasSpecified();

I don't think the Linux platform should care about the Vendor, just the Core
and OS. What do you guys think?

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