[lldb-dev] Question about IRForTarget

Zachary Turner zturner at google.com
Mon Mar 16 10:39:16 PDT 2015

Hi Sean,

A change went in over the weekend to change the
way GetElementPtrInst::Create works.  Now, for pointer types, you need to
manually specify the type of the pointee, as pointerType->getType() won't
work anymore.  This broke the build, so a workaround was employed to simply
pass nullptr for this argument.  But this is likely to be incorrect, and
instead we need the actual llvm::Type for the pointee.  I've looked over
the code, and I *think* that on line 2209 we can replace the nullptr with
old_constant->getType(), and on line 2396 we can place the nullptr with

What are your thoughts here?

Secondly, the change to nullptr does not seem to have caused any test
failures.  Is there any way we can add some tests for this?  If this is not
something that is testable through the public interface, I recently added
gtest unit tests to the build.  It's not enabled in the Xcode build (but
will be soon), but if you tell me how to set up a test, call the right
function, and what outputs to expect, I can write it.
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