[lldb-dev] PSA: You can run unittests with ninja now

Zachary Turner zturner at google.com
Fri Mar 13 14:01:56 PDT 2015

This is just a heads up.  As of r232212, if you're using a CMake build you
can type "ninja check-lldb-unit" and it will run the gtest suite.  This
should work on any platform.  "ninja check-lldb" behavior is unchanged, but
there is a TODO item to get "ninja check-lldb" to run both unit tests and
the python API tests.  I didn't want to do it yet though because that has
the potential to break build bots, so i wanted to keep it separate.

There is another TODO item to get this working in the Xcode build.
Hopefully that will happen today or early next week.

The Xcode workspace might generate an error if you're synched up to
r232212.  This is because gtest.xcodeproj has been deleted, and
lldb.xcworkspace still refers to it.  Fixing this should be a simple matter
of removing the reference from lldb.xcworkspace to gtest.xcodeproj which I
will get to today if nobody beats me.
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