[lldb-dev] Running unit tests as part of lldb-check

Tamas Berghammer tberghammer at google.com
Tue Jan 27 05:02:38 PST 2015

Hi All,

I am planning to add the execution of the unit tests (located under
lldb/gtest) to the lldb-check and to the lldb-check-single build targets to
make the unit test failures more visible. This change will modify the
output of the lldb-check and the lldb-check-single build targets which are
parsed by the build bots to display the list of test failures.

Where can I find the script responsible for parsing the output of the
tests, so I can handle the parsing of the output from the unit tests?

If somebody have any concern or comment about adding the unit tests to the
lldb-check targets then let me know.

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