[lldb-dev] Disassembling with no function bounds

Zachary Turner zturner at google.com
Wed Jan 21 13:57:11 PST 2015

In my quest to get thread step-over working on Windows, I'm trying to
disassemble some code in LLDB to see what's there.  It won't let me though,
because it doesn't have function bounds:

(lldb) dis
   0xb55040 <main>: pushl  %ebp
   0xb55041 <main+1>: movl   %esp, %ebp
   0xb55043 <main+3>: subl   $0x14, %esp
   0xb55046 <main+6>: leal   0xb50040, %eax
   0xb5504c <main+12>: movl   $0x0, -0x4(%ebp)
-> 0xb55053 <main+19>: movl   %eax, (%esp)
   *0xb55056 <main+22>: calll  0xb550a1*
   0xb5505b <main+27>: leal   0xb50050, %ecx
   0xb55061 <main+33>: movl   %ecx, (%esp)
   0xb55064 <main+36>: movl   %eax, -0x8(%ebp)
   0xb55067 <main+39>: calll  0xb550a1
   0xb5506c <main+44>: leal   0xb50060, %ecx
   0xb55072 <main+50>: movl   %ecx, (%esp)
   0xb55075 <main+53>: movl   %eax, -0xc(%ebp)
   0xb55078 <main+56>: calll  0xb550a1
   0xb5507d <main+61>: movl   $0x1, %ecx
   0xb55082 <main+66>: movl   %eax, -0x10(%ebp)
   0xb55085 <main+69>: movl   %ecx, %eax
   0xb55087 <main+71>: addl   $0x14, %esp
   0xb5508a <main+74>: popl   %ebp
   0xb5508b <main+75>: retl

(lldb) dis -a 0xb550a1
error: Could not find function bounds for address 0xb550a1

Is there any way to work around this restriction?  It seems like it
shouldn't matter what the bounds of the function are, or if there's even a
function at this address at all.  As long as there's code.
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