[lldb-dev] Backslashes in command arguments

Zachary Turner zturner at google.com
Thu Jan 8 13:43:17 PST 2015

One thing causing many tests to fail on Windows is the presence of
backslashes in argument.  Until now, I've worked around this in many cases
by making sure that arguments with backslashes are always quoted.

But there are some cases where this is not easy to guarantee and now I'm
leaning towards (at least on Windows) allowing backslashes in argument
strings.  The code in question comes from the function *void
SetCommandString (const char *command)* in the file Args.cpp

In particular, it implements special handling of whitespace, single quotes,
double quotes, and backslashes.  For the case of backslashes it removes
them from the string.

What would be the implications of removing backslash handling from this
function for all platforms?  I would prefer to keep platform specific code
out of generic code, but I think this needs to be changed on Windows.
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