[lldb-dev] [LLVMdev] RFC: LLVM should require a working C++11 <thread>, <mutex>, and <atomic>

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You don't have to distribute libwinpthread.dll with your application. Considering that libwinpthread is approx. 50 KiB, that's not much of a reason. "Classic" MinGW doesn't have it AFAIK, but who uses that instead of MinGW-w64 nowadays?

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Hi Oscar,

The question is should llvm start using <thread> and <mutex> when mingw+win32 threads does not support these.

What is the reason to use mingw+win32 threads instead of mingw+pthreads which does support the above?


2014-09-24 15:47 GMT+03:00 Óscar Fuentes <ofv at wanadoo.es<mailto:ofv at wanadoo.es>>:
Chandler Carruth <chandlerc at gmail.com<mailto:chandlerc at gmail.com>> writes:

> AKA: MinGW + win32threads is holding LLVM (and all of its subprojects)
> back. We need to stop supporting this host platform.
> I'm aware of essentially 2 reasonably important use cases for supporting
> MinGW + win32threads:

I suppose that you are talking about MinGW (www.mingw.org<http://www.mingw.org>) all along
and not about MinGW-w64 (www.mingw-w64.org<http://www.mingw-w64.org>) which supports the features
you are missing.

> 1) Sane host toolchain on Windows that doesn't require downloading MSVC.
> (I'm dubious about the value of this one...)

Oh, well. You are talking about "everything that is not MSVC++". Ok.

> 2) Cross-compiling a Windows clang.exe (and other tools) from a Linux (or
> other host) box.

I have no idea how cross-compiling from other OS can solve shortcomings
on the *runtime* libraries of a toolchain.


> I *really* don't want to spend lots of time going
> there because it seems like a low-value platform, but we can.

Thanks, I knew that you consider MinGW* "low-value" all along. MinGW-w64
is well ahead of MSVC++ on C++ language and library support, and it is
very likely that it will remain that way, but you take every chance to
bad-mouth it to promote MSVC++ support on LLVM/Clang.


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