[lldb-dev] Error linking lldb when using cmake 2.8.12+ and custom libedit/python

Ted Woodward ted.woodward at codeaurora.org
Fri Sep 19 15:24:02 PDT 2014

I'm using cmake to configure my build, on Ubuntu 12.04 (and older
versions). I use custom versions of libedit and python, because the system
versions on the ancient linux we're using internally are much too old and


When I build, liblldb.so is linked correctly, with -ledit and my custom
python, but lldb and lldb-mi don't have -ledit or my custom python library
on the link line, and I get a link error.


I've tracked it down to this line in source/CMakeLists.txt, from r213469: 

target_link_libraries(liblldb ${cmake_2_8_12_PRIVATE} ${LLDB_SYSTEM_LIBS})



With cmake 2.8.12 or higher, ${cmake_2_8_12_PRIVATE} is PRIVATE. Remove that
from the line, and the link proceeds as expected, with -ledit and the python


What does PRIVATE on that line do? Do we need it?



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